Monday, August 16, 2010

More Than A Yard Sale

Hi!  I'm Shellie Layne and this is my first official blog with At Home With Shellie which is my signature column in the Birmingham Times Newspaper.  I wanted to be able to share some of my life's experiences with a broader audience and give you the opportunity to share your experiences with me.

I believe that At Home is not just where we live...but At Home is who we are.

Are you a yard sale junkie, the one who gets up early on a Saturday, Sunday or an occasional Friday going from one property to another seeking to satisfy a craving or a bargain fix? or have you never been curious enough to follow the cardboard hand written signs on telephone polls, light and street posts informing and enticing you to unknown treasure? Whether you are a street sale fiend or novice, just the experience of this type of event is worth the visit.

In my travels I am seeing more and more At Home yard and garage sales and this is no surprise. As joblessness rises and the economy moans and grunts for relief many have and will resort to trading their treasures for cash. One might think that the best way to sell personal wares would be through the Web. The interesting thing however, is that with the many offerings on eBay, Craig’s List and the other popular “find things” sites, the number of do- it- yourself At Home sales and the attraction to them has not diminished. Perhaps it’s that those who log on to the internet are searching for something specific, and those who attend the less glitzy, home made events are seeking only what finds them.

Yard sales and the like remind me of delightful, easier and simpler times. They bring back rare, family At Home moments and the items that are sold don’t just have a price tag attached, they are poised to give away emotion and history - some good and some painful in every sale. But there is benefit to all.  Persons desiring to sell and those who buy have needs and this straight forward exchange of goods is uncomplicated and uncluttered.

A yard sale reflects and places on display the characteristics and the persona of  the At Home environment and its occupants. There are things we need to let go of, both tangible items and emotional issues. There are effects and belongings set aside for our yard sale that if we took a second look we would rediscover their value and not be so quick to give them away at a fraction of their true worth. Our At Home dwelling is filled with character, color, forgotten things, items in disrepair and wares we are not certain what to do with.

Blog me back about your yardsale adventures and stay tuned for part 2 of "More Than a Yard Sale!"